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Getting Started Week 36 - Starting a Behavioral Diary

If your puppy begins to show new unwanted behaviors such as outbursts of aggression or excessive barking, the first step is to start a behavioral diary.  You will need to begin paying close attention to your pup's body language and noting what you observe. The Diary is the place you write down each incident. Pay close attention to and write down the triggers and markers involved in the incident.

What are triggers? Triggers are anything that occurs just prior to unwanted behaviors. Use the behavioral diary to make quick notes on what happens just prior to episodes of unwanted behavior. 

What are markers? Your puppy will show you with body language how he or she reacts or responds to a "Trigger".  For example, when the dog sees a cat (trigger), the dog's (markers) eyes dilate, lip curls up, teeth are bared, ears come forward, fur on the back and tail goes up - all signs of impending aggression.

Keeping a diary will help you predict and prevent your dog's unwanted behaviors. You will learn how to better identify anxiety, agitation, aggression, relaxation, contentment by watching your dog's body language. If you decide to consult with a veterinary behaviorist, your behavioral diary will provide valuable information for evaluation.

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