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by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started Day Fourteen - Protect Your Investment

Congratulations!  You have been a Positive Puppy Parent for the first 14 Days when learning is most critical and opportunities to make a lasting impression are at a peak.

Protect your investment and keep up the great work! You will now receive Puppy Parenting tips weekly instead of daily. Review and learn more daily by logging in and viewing the online library at www.AnimalBehavior.Net

It's not fair
... to give your little puppy positive attention NOW for behaviors you don't want LATER such as jumping up and licking your face. Your adult dog will not realize that size matters!

Truth or consequences
...your puppy will repeat behaviors that are rewarded even if you aren't aware that you ARE rewarding them with your attention.

Help is at your fingertips...if you run into ANY concerns with Puppy, address them right away with your veterinarian, veterinary behavior consultant, and pet professional at Family of Pets.

Parenting Tips™ for Puppy 

First 14 Days Error Free Puppy Raising
Take time right NOW to click and learn on the four library links below:

       Preventing Excess Whining

       Preventing Separation Anxiety

       Nail Trims

       Nail Trims First Aid

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