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- Pet Selection-

Tripp Test For Selecting A New Dog
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Priority Body Preferences

__ Size: I prefer a dog that is: _ small _medium _large
__ Coat: I prefer a dog with a hair coat that is: _short _medium _long
__ Grooming: The importance to me of shedding and the "look and feel" of the pet's coat condition. _little _moderate _a lot
__ Age: I prefer a dog that is a: _puppy
_adult _senior
__ Gender: I prefer that my dog is:
_intact male
_intact female
_neutered male
_spayed female

Priority Mind and Personality Preferences

__ People-Orientation: I prefer a dog that is: _independent _lap lounger _a buddy
__ Pet-Orientation: I prefer a dog that will regard other household pets as: _foes _invisible _friends
__ Vocals/Territorial traits: I prefer a dog that barks when he hears a noise: _a lot _moderate _very little
__ Activity level: I prefer a dog that likes to exercise:: _ a lot
_moderate _very little
__ Excitability: I prefer a dog engaged in an activity that displays the following level of enthusiasm: _high
_medium _low
__ Playfulness: I prefer a dog that engages in interactive play with me: _a lot _moderate _very little
__ Training: I'm ready to invest the time and want a dog that can master tricks and commands on this level: _basic _medium
__ Doggedness: I feel I can control, and prefer a dog that is: _challenging _compromising _laidback


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