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What is AAHA?

Pet Behavior Education and
Pet Perception Management™ are the Keys!

What is the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)?
AAHA is an internationally renowned accreditation opportunity for veterinary practices. When veterinary practices strive to achieve
AAHA accreditations, they strive to practice the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of veterinary medicine.

How does a veterinary practice become AAHA accredited?
First, the practice completes a detailed evaluation of their medical procedures, facility, services and equipment. Afterwards, they undergo an on-site evaluation. Every one or more years, the practice must reapply and repeat the on-site evaluation by an AAHA team of veterinarians to maintain the accreditation.  

Veterinary hospitals can meet many of the new AAHA Behavior Standards simply through
AnimalBehavior.Net Participation. If your practice is interested in the new AAHA Behavior Standards, let them know how much you appreciate them going the extra mile to provide pet behavior education for you and more comfort for your pets

AnimalBehavior.Net participation helps pets enjoy visits to the veterinary practice whether or not your pet's veterinary practice is AAHA certified. 

Areas that AAHA Evaluates:
emergency services
ry and anesthesia
radiology services
pathology services
ursing care
pet medical records
medical library
housekeeping and maintenance

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