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--- On Sun, 2/14/10, wrote:
Pet Parent of Cody: Have you received your emails from Washington Blvd Animal Hospital?
Date: Sunday, February 14, 2010, 9:17 PM


Dear Kristen:  Thank you so much for your email.  Yes, I have been receiving emails from the Animal Behavior Network.  Very helpful.  In fact, there were some other topics listed that I was interested in as well.  I certainly appreciate very much your follow-up.Jeany K. Lowe

We are so appreciative of all the informational emails you've sent us for Piper.  We find them very helpful and knowledgeable.  We also love how they are personally for "Piper".
Thankyou very much.  We enjoy the emails, and enjoy our relationship with Piper very, very much.  Thanks Again, Leta Martin


Yes, I have been receiving my emails. Thanks for asking! I am actually one of the Vet Techs at Northview, and signed myself up for these emails for review, and so I can be on the same level when a client mentions them. They are wonderful sources of information.
Thanks again!  Jennifer Kem


I have enjoyed your site and use it frequently. Oliver is enrolled in puppy obedience classes and I look up each weeks "homework assignment" for further clues on how to encourage him to do what he is supposed to. I find it very helpful. My vet, Dr. David Kirby, assured me I would like the site, and he was right!  Good job, and thank you for your help!!  Pat Maldon

I have really enjoyed getting these emails as they keep me focused, and nearly every time gives me an "Aha!" moment.  It has helped to keep me on track and reminds me of what I want him to learn - NOT to teach him by my "reactions".  (The last one was especially important for me - and my hubby.)  I can't thank you enough!  How much longer can I enjoy getting these? I couldn't remember how long the clinic told me I would have.


Suzanne Mathes


I  love the information you send me, it is an absolutely wonderful tool...and I am so pleased there are people out there like you, who really care about dogs enough to help owners to be better and more educated with their loving companions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Linda T. Goentzel


I like getting the emails. I am learning a lot about training instead of just winging it.  My husband and I both read each e-mail every day and have logged on to the site to read further. Its such great, great information and we are so grateful for all the helpful  tips, advice and the E-classes. You guys are terrific!  Yes, I have appreciated the info I've gotten from the emails and would like to continue receiving emails like these. I haven't had time to login, but I've read the emails I've received as I've had time.  Thank you,  Nicole Crane


i LOVE it. keep em' coming!


Kristen, yes I have reviewed all 14 e-mails and they are very helpful and informative. We have 3 teenagers that are helping Cody with training and care. He is like the new baby of the house. Thank you for the support.


Yes it has been very helpful and informative.... and I have used the online
library also. THANKS!


Kristen, I love the emails and your wonderful library. Daisy is the daughter of my other dog Fred. He is great but I would have enjoyed this encouragement and training while I was training him as a new puppy.



Thanks Kristen for your 'check-in'.  I'm using the daily emails every day and looking into the site as well.  It's a great source of information and we are trying the tips on our pup (frasier).  Thanks for all your help!  We will be in contact if we have any concerns or questions. 



Dear Kristen,
Thank You for your email. Toby is making progress as he grows to trust us more. We have found the Animal Behavior Network emails and online library very helpful with Toby's separation anxiety issues.

Thanks again,  

Blair & Christina Kobelin


I have been very pleased with the information that has been e-mailed to me regarding my new puppy. My husband and I are utilizing the methods and she is learning fast.

Thanks so much,

Nancy Fry


We have received the emails and have had a chance to look through the library.  What a great idea - your site is terrific and the information was most helpful for us with our first puppy!


I've been getting your emails concerning Boomer's puppy development and they are really great! Thoughtful, enjoyable and easy to read.


Thank you very much. I enjoyed the daily tips. I am using some of them, so
let other owners of pets enjoy & learn from them also.


Kristen,I think the service is wonderful. Your emails have been a great help while training Bella. She is a wonderful puppy, and your service has been helpful toward making her the perfect dog that she is!  Thanks to Northview and and Animal Behavior Network.


They've been great! I've been receiving them and reading all the featured articles as I get them. They are helpful and it seems like Missy had just displayed certain behaviors and then the email would address them in time! Thank you.


Just wanted to let you know that we love all of the emails.  They are just great and so informative.  Thank you so much for sending them.  I have read them and loved them all!!

Kristen, I think the emails are very helpful.  Even if you have had puppies/dogs before, they still are good reminders.  I appreciate receiving them. Suzann


I love this web site it helps Chief and I learn how to be a better trained team at work. It so nice to have these training tool available.


Thank you for all the valuable info. It's been helpful and educational. I look forward to the emails for Ozzy


Yes we found your service very helpful. We have saved them all for future reference. Thank you. Lilly is doing great!


From the parents of Farley,
I can't express how helpful the e-mails have been to us.I found myself looking forward to them so that we can raise a better Farley. You did your part I guess the rest is up to us.

Thank you very much


I have had a chance to read the emails and to log into the library.  I am
finding the articles interesting and helpful for both my cats and dog!   I
think this is an excellent idea and a wonderful benefit of Animal Medical
Center. Please keep up the excellent work.


Dear Kristen, thanks for your e-mail. It's most comforting to know there is someone I can contact in case I need answers to anything that affects my two cats, Chloe and Lookie. I will keep your information on file should I need assistance in the future. Regards,


The emails have been very helpful to my husband and I both, and of course to Max!   Great program, thanks!   Yolanda


I enjoy the newsletters and I find the information very helpful!


I actually have a comment about a new rescue sheltie - a male - we just adopted. I like the trick I just read about introducing the pet to another family member. Freddie is timid with my husband. I will step next to my husband after Cletus offers Freddie a treat next time to show "we are on the same team." Hope this helps! Thank you for the newsletters.


have had a chance to read the emails and to log into the library.  I am
finding the articles interesting and helpful for both my cats and dog!   I
think this is an excellent idea and a wonderful benefit of Animal Medical
Center. Please keep up the excellent work


I LOVE THE EMAILS!!!!  Yes, I have used the library, and it's been invaluable in the last few weeks while trying to raise our new puppy the "right" way!  Thank you again and again for sending them along, keep them coming!



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