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Pet Behavior Courses

Pet Behavior Education is the Key!

AnimalBehavior.Net (ABN) Family Members begin a new and exciting journey with family pets.  

Enroll a family dog or cat in Positive Pet Parenting weekly email lessons.  Lessons are graphic rich, "bite size" learning for busy people. 

From the convenience of home, the whole family enjoys Positive Pet Parenting.

Learn about the new American Animal Hospital Association Behavior Standards, and stress-free veterinary visits.

AnimalBehavior.Net members learn to see the world through the eyes of their cats and dogs.

Learn how to prevent or solve the most common pet behavior complaints and have more fun with pets

Weekly emails give easy links to the online ABN Library of 1 - 3 page dog and cat behavior topics, videos and self-study power point presentations. 

When families understand their pets' behavior, they are more satisfied with their pets and find it easier to modify pet behaviors.

If you are struggling with a pet's unwanted behaviors, your veterinarian may establish a consulting relationship with Animal Behavior. Net at no charge to the practice. See Veterinary Consulting.

Pet Behavior History Analysis collects a comprehensive pet behavior history, analyzes probable causes for misbehaviors, gives a prognosis for improvement and recommended behavioral treatments - with a report sent to the client and the pet's veterinarian.

Veterinarians wanting their clients to benefit from this service or seeking more information, may call Tara Lang, BS, RVT, at 1-800-372-3706 ext. 88.  

Pet Behavior Modification Programs include phone and email coaching plus weekly assignments - keeping the pet's veterinarian in the loop and keeping the client's efforts to teach new behaviors to the pet easy and successful.

Family members learn from the convenience of home how to prevent and correct unwanted pet behaviors. 


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