Sample Case Analysis Report


Pet Owner Profile
First and Last Name: (eg. "Mary Smith")   Jane Jones
First Choice Phone:   573-789-5555 Ext:
Home Address:   Any Street Second Choice Phone:   606-545-5555 Ext:
City, State, Zip:   AnyTown, CA  65478, FAX or Third Choice Phone: Ext:
Name of current Trainer (if any):   None Email Address:   SampleEmail@Yahoo.Com
How did you hear about ABN?   Veterinarian    

Pet Profile
Pet Name:
(What you actually call the pet.)
  Amber Species and Gender:  Female / Spayed
The body appears most/all as the Breed:   Cocker Spaniel   Color:  Buff
Current estimated weight (lbs.):  22lbs. Date born:    4-20-2001
How many years have you owned your pet?   2.5yr Obtained at what pet age?   18 months
Obtained from:   Breeder    

Pet Lifestyle
Select all Lifestyle aspects that apply:   On Some Furniture, Sleep On Owner Bed , Single Family House, Suburban Setting
Hours per week walking & interactive play?
(Or fraction e.g. 0.5 hr/wk)
% of time loose inside house when owner is home?   90
Favorite rewards
(e.g. praise, petting, treats, etc.)
 Car rides, Laptime, Petting, Praise, Treats, Walks
Favorite games
(e.g. ball, frisbee, tug-of-war, etc.)
  Laptime, Petting, Tug-o-war
Any dry food left down?   Sometimes
Describe the pet's current diet, including brands:   Iams
Rate the strength of your bond with this pet: (1=low, 10=high)   9
Plan to professionally Groom: x per year average  8
Professionally Board: days per year average.  2
Total # of household Dogs:  2
Total # of household Cats:   0

Veterinary Hospital Affiliation
I have a "regular vet" for this pet:  Yes
Primary Veterinary Hospital Name:  Sample Vet Hospital
Hospital Address:   CityStreet
City, State, Zip:   AnyTown, CA  65498,
Veterinarian's Last Name:   Dr. Smith
Hospital Phone:  555-555-5555
Hospital Fax:  555-456-4567
Hospital Email:   SampleVetHospital@Vets.Com

Veterinary Medical
List any significant past medical conditions  Vaccine Reaction,  chronic ear infections,  allergies
List any significant current medical conditions  Allergies
Current medications    Heartworm prevention

Canine Training
# of DAYS attended off-leash Puppy Classes before 6 months of age:   5
# of DAYS attended adult Obedience Classes after 6 months of age:   0
Any Obedience Certification? CGC, TDI, CD :   None

(DOGS) Basic Commands: RATE 0-10, current reliability of commands (0=not taught; 10 = best)
Assume the dog is off-leash at a park (off-property), with NO strange dog or person nearby.
Come:   2 Sit:   7 Down:    3 Stay:   0
Heel:   0 House trained:   20 Crate trained:    5 Head halter:   Never Tried

Primary Concern

In this section, try to think of the concern in THE BIG PICTURE. Use the down arrows to select the OVERALL CLOSEST match, and try to put something in every field.

Status of behavioral concern:   Worsening
Duration: (First began)   Since owned
Tally. What is the total number or times it has happened?   Countless
Predictability:   Intermittent
Frequency between occurrences:   Days
Severity in the last month on scale of 1-10:
(1= Mild, 10 = Severe)
Tried what techniques so far?   Scruff, Time-Out, Yell No!, Spank Rump , Bitter Apple
Response to attempts at solution?   No effect on Problem
Is surrender of this pet being considered for this concern?:   Maybe
Include here any other information regarding only your PRIMARY concern. Other concerns are addressed below.   She needs to be able to be left alone! 

Concern Inventory
Aggression Toward People: None
  Aggression Toward Animals: None
Barking: Animals outdoors, people outdoors, other dogs
  Begging: at table, to get in, to go out
Chasing: None

  Chewing: Chews things when we're gone
Clawing/Scratching:  Scratches at doors and kennel when we're gone
  Digging: Digs up flower beds
Eating disorder:  None
  Geriatric (Senile) changes in:  None
Fearful of: Groomer, veterinarian, loud noises
  Housesoiling Feline: N/A
Housesoiling Canine: at greetings, when excited
  Licking: None
Jumping: when excited, on furniture, on guests, on kids

  Pulling on leash when using: Choke collar

Obsessive Repetitive: None
  Unruly: None
Sleep changes: None
  Won't come when called: lost training, when distracted
Problem(s) present but not listed above: Nothing I an think of

Client Narrative & Notes
Other Comments

6-8 am out with other dog, drinks water and is then in house until we get home from work at 6 pm. 

Behavioral Notes and Assessment

This sections below are completed by an Animal Behavior Network Veterinary Behavior Consultant (VBC), sent to the Attending Veterinarian (ADVM) and Pet Parent


Behavior Triggers and Markers for this case


Training Suggestions


Product Suggestions


Medical Services Suggestions


Behavior Modification Suggestions



Behavioral Notes and Assessment


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