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Becoming a Pet-Centered Practice

How to add Animal Behavior
Program Volunteers

If you're looking for a way to enrich your life and help animals in the process,

consider volunteering for                                        .  Here is some basic information:

  • We require potential volunteers to attend a volunteer orientation prior to starting. The orientation covers available volunteer duties, rules and policies, animal handling techniques and a tour of the facility.
  • The first step is to attend the Free Community Seminar, “How to Raise an Ideal Dog.”
  • Next, attend at least 12 weeks of the puppy socialization classes to learn how to:
    • Supervise puppy play
    • Respond to inappropriate play
    • Learn Gentling Techniques:
      • Suspension
      • Massage
      • Range of motion
      • Positive restraint
    • Learn how to instruct puppies using lures and food treats
      • COME
      • SIT
      • DOWN
      • STAY
      • WAIT
  • Volunteers may clean kennels and walk friendly dogs.

  • The volunteer focus is on socializing puppies and dogs in daycare and providing extra comfort and TLC to boarding cats. 

  • Talk to pets by name with a smile and calm loving voice tone. Direct contact with friendly appreciative pets can very rewarding.

  • Special events such as dog walks, fundraisers and open houses require a tremendous amount of coordination and effort. Volunteers can help plan or support events.

  • Volunteers are required to sign a release and verify medical insurance.

  • Volunteers must be a minimum of 16 years of age, or part of a work-school project.

I have accept the above conditions, have my own medical coverage, and with informed consent, release the business of any liability for potential injury such as animal bites.

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