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by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started - The aloof kitten

Increasing your kitten's bond with you

Many people think all cats are naturally aloof and independent when in fact, cats are very social creatures. In some cases, aloof behavior is a ploy on the part of the cat to control the pet parent, other pets, or the home environment. In these cases, the cat has taken on a high status role and sees the human as a subordinate or servant. Talk about a princess complex! 

Here are steps you can take to lower your cat's status, increase your cat's bond with you, and shape a feline personality that is less aloof and independent.

ü       Hand feed and feed meals to help the cat see you as a "provider"

ü       Teach your cat a vocabulary  - come, sit, drop - using food and toy lures and rewards.

ü       Limit the cat's territory - consider an indoor only cat - and limit free roam of the home.

ü       Engage the cat in daily object-directed play. You start and stop all play.

ü       Praise all friendly, engaging behavior. Ignore the cat otherwise.

ü       Do daily gentling and leadership petting.

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