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 Getting Started - Behavior Medicine

Sadly, too many pets are neglected, abused, abandoned to back yard jails, surrendered to the streets, and euthanized in shelters due to pet behaviors that are unwanted and misunderstood. 

Most behavior problems occur because people have accidentally taught the pet to pester them or have confused the pet with punishment. When pets become anxious, and cannot predict outcomes, it is difficult for them to learn.

Veterinarians treat behavioral problems working with veterinary behavior consultants to support the client's behavior modification education and to recommend behavioral medicines. Not every behavior problem needs a medical work up or medical treatments.

Behaviors that typically do not indicate
a medical workup include aloof/independent, climbing curtains, roaming, and up on counters.

The first step for the following behavior issues is a medical workup to rule out physical illness or discomfort: aggressive (including biting), destructive to household, excessive grooming, excessive vocalization, fearful, fighting, finicky, hissing, hyperactive, inappropriate elimination, obsessive compulsive (repetitive) destructive scratching, stalks owner.

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