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Feline Nocturnal Activity Nighttime Crazy Cats!

What is it?

Cats are nocturnal. Given the choice, a cat would sleep all day and hunt all night. In our homes, cats that nap all day long are ready to party all night long.

What to do?

First, try to see this situation from your cat's  point of view. Your cat is acting like a normal feline.  Consider a strategy such as changing your cat's work schedule from the night shift to the day shift by providing interactive play, you moving the cat toys during the day. Try to get your cat really tired, panting is best. This is a great time to wad up pieces of paper and toss them on the floor for your kitten to chase, fetch, or use for a rousing game of paper wad hockey.

Feed your cat a big meal before you go to bed.  Have your cat sleep in a room at the opposite side of the house as your bedroom.

Ignore your cat during this time. Leave the room. Do not make it in your cat's best interest by interacting with your cat in any way.

What not to do?

Do NOT punish your cat for normal behaviors. Responding to cats with aggression does not teach them but does turn them off to you.

Do not
try to train your cat when the cat is in a high state of arousal. This is not a teachable moment. Your cat's brain is somewhere else having a big feline, wild adventure. You may be bitten or scratched for simply being in the wrong place a the wrong time. Your cat will plea temporary insanity and be correct!

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