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Introduction to a Behavior Course 

Positive Cat Parenting™ Courses and Library Topics will help you understand all cats better and will guide you in shaping your cat's personality to be the best adult cat possible. This Course is designed to help your cat live a long, happy, healthy life indoors as a loving, well-behaved members of a human family. 


You may have had your cat since kittenhood or your cat may have wondered into your life as an adult. Regardless of your cat's age, you will gain insights into the mind and spirit of cats.


Sadly, unwanted cat behaviors such as fearfulness, aggression, destruction, and house soiling result in cats being neglected, abused, and surrendered to the outdoors or to shelters.


Pet parents have found that being in a weekly Course helps them remember to practice lessons learned that enrich their relationship with their four-footed loved one.


There is no punishment in this Course. Instead, you will learn how to increase behaviors you love and change behaviors your don't want. Lessons are designed to engage your feline in fun activities with you. Indoor cats need mental stimulation to be happy and well-behaved. Outdoor cats need more interaction with you to become more loving.


Your courses will include a cat cartoon so make sure you open them even if you are in a hurry. A good chuckle keeps you healthy!

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