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Hand Feeding

Why Hand Feed?

Hand feeding your cat is a great way to build your bond and improve your relationship. You want your cat to adopt you as a "positive pet parent" who provides food, water, shelter, play, mental exercise and companionship.
Hand feed your cat kibble before every meal to help bond your cat to you.

What to do

  • Teach your cat that human hands are gentle to lower potential cat aggression.

  • Sit next to your cat and gently pet and talk during feeding time to increase your cat's appreciation of physical contact from you.

  • To help your cat relax, let out a big sigh and release all your body tension.

Hand feed your cat before every meal to help bond your cat to you.

For your education...

Feline Adolescence - 17 weeks to 1 year [1]

  • Eating solid food. Change to adult cat food at 6 - 8 months of age. Provide food puzzle and food toys.

[1] American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Feline Behavior Guidelines 2004

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