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 Bonding with your Cat

What is it?

Bonding with your cat means that you provide for your cat's natural behavioral needs while developing a means of better communication between the species (feline and human) that enriches your relationship with your pet.


It's important to write down a list of words and hand signals that you and anyone else in the household commit to using to communicate with your cat. 

Provide 80% of your cat's food in food puzzles - to provide both physical and mental activity - with the rest used for hand feeding for bonding and teaching vocabulary.


How to do it?

  • Hand feeding

  • Food puzzles

  • Daily interactive play time

  • Daily attention based on a common vocabulary

  • Learn to earn affection

When pets misbehave, most often, there is a failure to communicate.

How to start?


Begin by sitting quietly and tossing food treats to your cat. Toss kibble when your cat is very hungry. Toss the treats closer and closer to you as the cat becomes more comfortable and will approach for the kibble or treat.


When your cat associates you with the food, begin to place a treat on your open hand and put it on the ground for your cat to approach. Praise your cat in a soothing voice for taking the treat.


What are food puzzles?

In the wild, food does not land in a food bowl. A wild dog or feral cat must forage and find food. Our pets need that physical and mental exercise.  A bored pet is generally an unhappy, misbehaving pet. 

Begin feeding your cat in food puzzles instead of feeding from a food bowl. Use a variety of food puzzles from store brought to hand made. Use at least 3 varieties. Start each day with a measured amount of 80% of daily allotment of food appropriate for your cat's weight.


Place a few fragrant treats in the food puzzle to help attract initial interest.

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