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Getting Started - Litterbox Issues

Consider people who are remodeling their bathrooms. Some people want the most inexpensive toilet. Others are more discriminating about color, style and the location of the new toiled. People can also be quite discriminating when it comes to selecting the right type of toilet paper - two ply, patterned, extra soft, etc., since that is what they touch.

Fast forward to the most discriminating of domestic animals - the cat.  Since cats bury their waste, they get down and dirty with both the box and the litter.

: Your cat might think you are a nice person, but clueless about kitty potty picking. If your cat is not using the litterbox, then you need to discover - from the cat's point of view - if the problem is with the litterbox type, the litter type, the litterbox location, the number of litterboxes available, or the the number one reason why cats stop using the box - it is not flushed after every use.  Just like humans, cats prefer a clean bathroom and a clean toilet.

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