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Getting Started - Air Travel

Taking pets with you on a trip can be a joy. Pets typically prefer to be with their families versus staying home alone. The key to safe air travel is preparation and planning ahead. 

A few airlines allow small dogs, cats, and birds to travel as carry-on baggage provide the pet is small enough to fit comfortably in a kennel placed under the seat. In addition to standard plastic type kennels, airlines typically permit soft-sided carriers for pets traveling in the passenger cabin.

Imagine air travel from the comfort of your own bedroom. As the world outside sped by you could sleep in your own bed or enjoy your favorite entertainment, just as if you were at home, instead of traveling inside a airplane at hundreds of miles per hour. 

This may not be possible for you, but it is for your pet - at least those pets who have been given the gift of "contented confinement" training. Cats can be taught to relax in their own beds inside of a kennel. Airborne pheromones (Feliway
®) add a calming influence. As long as cats feel they are in their "safe places," it matters much less to them that the entire portable kennel is in a car, plane, motel room, or anywhere else.

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