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Getting Started - Multiple cats

Ever hear of two's company, three's a crowd? This is what  felines might say when their pet parents bring home a new kitten or cat.


Felines are social creatures and may benefit from being raised with a littermate, or being raised with their mothers. That's different! Cats bond to territory. After they bond to territory and adopt the household members into their families, they are not especially open minded when it comes to expanding the family. How would you feel if a roommate brought home someone from the streets to live under your roof? Who does embrace change?


If you have multiple cats, you need to increase the resources in the environment such as available beds, food and water bowls, scratching and climbing posts, and litterboxes. You want one more litterbox available than you have cats. You don't want your felines fighting over resources. Felines don't always share, well.

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