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Getting Started - Hyperactivity

Felines can snooze the day away. Just as the sun starts to set, felines start their engines.

During evening activity, your kitten may suddenly explode into an excited frenzy - scurrying around the house, tail high and fluffed, mouth open, as if on a wild cat safari chasing after prey.

Your  kitten may literally bounce off furniture and hang from curtains. The release of adrenaline gives the cat a wide-eyed, crazy expression with eyes wide and pupils dilated.

This normal behavior makes sense if you think about it. In the wild, the cat would stalk prey, lie in wait, then tear off in pursuit of food prey and pounce in victory. You can help direct this instinct and expend this energy before bedtime with toy chases.

If you don't provide other outlets for this natural instinct, your kitten will continue to act a little stir crazy. Daily playtime with prey-type toys helps the kitten release these natural urges and energy through play.

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