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Error Free Kitten Raising Tips
by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

Just minutes a day of learning gives you the best relationship possible with your cat!

Getting Started - Teaching sit to say, "Please."

Don't force your kitten to do what you want.  Instead, withhold what your kitten wants if he/she doesn't do what you want. Confused?

Think of it as a game you and your cat play.  Your cat must figure out what you want to get what he or she wants from you. Help your kitten's success by using a food lure to initially teach your kitten to do things you want such as coming or sitting on cue. Keep it fun and interesting for both of you.

When you change your behavior, you can change a pet's behavior.
Your kitten will learn to respond to your hand movements much quicker than to your words.  That's one reason why using food lures helps speed up the learning process.

Once your kitten knows the word, sit, make "sit" the "password" or the "please" before greetings, attention, meals, treats, entries and exits, etc.  Reinforce your kitten's learning often with lessons and treats.

Error-Free Kitten Raising Tips™ and Positive Cat Parenting™ for your kitten.

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Written for dogs but helpful for cat parents

Using Food to Remind and Reward

Learn to raise a happy, well-behaved cat and fabulous feline friend for life.

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