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Getting Started - Feline vocalization

Encourage or not to encourage a feline talker

Do you want to live with an adult cat chatterbox
?  Do you want a kitten that wakes you up in the night or early morning? 

If not, be careful about talking back to your kitten. What is cute now may become a nuisance behavior later. The best way to discourage feline vocalization is to completely ignore it.  What gets your attention - even negative attention - gets repeated.

For example:  If your kitten wakes you up - do not look at, talk to, feed, throw off the bed, or give your kitten any other attention - just put your head under the covers and wait it out. If vocalization produces no results, your kitten may try other strategies but will eventually give up.

CAUTIONS: Sudden onset of excessive vocalization or silence can indicate a medical problem.

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