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Getting Started - Invisible cat

Withholding the goods

Unlike pet training methods that rely on harsh punishment and scolding, gentle methods rely on the pet wanting something from you such as your attention, a foot treat, playtime, etc.

So, if you give your pet everything he or she wants for free, then it will be hard to find a motivator or reward to use for training. It's hard to shape new behaviors if you are not able to get your pet's attention.

If you are having behavior problems with your kitten, you start the "Invisible Cat" method by deliberating giving your kitten quality attention for doing the behaviors you do want, such as using the litterbox, scratching the post, not resisting a harness and leash, being gently handled, playing with toys and otherwise being friendly, relaxed and cooperative. 

Otherwise ignore the kitten. Pretend your kitten is invisible. Do not allow the kitten to initiate getting your attention or getting you to respond to a demand - even if it's an adorable one!  Instead, be stingy with your attention to raise the value of it. Then, you can dole out attention during training sessions to reward your kitten for learning from you.

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