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Getting Started - Elimination Problems

Some cats respond to medical, emotional or physical stress by changing their elimination habits.

Perhaps, this coping mechanism helps lower their stress, communicate social rank, sexual availability, territory or is simply a personal comentary on the situation creating their stress.

One theory suggests cats use urine and feces to mark or signal cat traffic. Another theory is that a cat's urine mark enhances his confidence like an American raising the American flag.

When cats stop using their litterbox, there may be a medical cause. Rule medical causes out with a complete medical workup. Blood work can rule out diabetes, kidney or adrenal disease, uterine infection and thyroid dysfunction. A urine analysis and x-rays can rule out diseases of the bladder such as infection, stones, crystals, tumors or abdominal masses pressing on the bladder resulting in decreased control.

A fecal analysis helps rule out colitis, maldigestion, malabsorption, diarrhea or constipation. The complete physical exam helps rule out physical problems like neurological tumor, trauma, infection, inflammation and age-related senility.

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