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Error Free Kitten Raising Tips
by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started - Why kennel train a cat?

Raise a "tag-along" kitten that goes places with you.  Reduce any stress by teaching your kitten to perceive a kennel as a comfy safe place to hang out 

One of the most common errors people make with a new kitten is only taking the kitten in the car when it's time to visit the veterinarian. 

Get your kitten use to the kennel in different locations around the house. Cats prefer to rest in high places so place the kennel off the ground.  Here are a few more tips. When your kitten feels safe in a kennel, then introduce being in the car. Take your kitten on short rides with you.  Make it fun to be together! You show happy, relaxed behavior.

  • Place your cat's favorite bedding-type inside the kennel.

  • Feed your kitten in the kennel and hide treats inside it during the day.

  • Give the best praise and petting attention when your kitten is inside the kennel.

Error-Free Kitten Raising Tips™ and Positive Cat Parenting™ for your kitten.

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