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Error Free Kitten Raising Tips
by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started - Become Mother Cat

Help your kitten adopt you as family  

Hand feed your kitten to show you are the new "mom" who will provide food, water, shelter, play, mental exercise and companionship.

Use one finger to pet to pretend you are mother-cat's tongue - grooming the kitten.

  • Hand feed your kitten kibble before every meal and in between meals.
  • Teach your kitten that only good things come from human hands.
  • Sit next to your kitten during feeding and gently pet and talk to your kitten.
  • To help your kitten relax, let out a big sigh and release all your body tension.

Kitten Development
[1]:  Early Socialization 3 to 8 weeks old

  • Sensitive period for social learning

  • Self grooming begins

[1] AAFP. (2004). Feline Behavior Guidelines. Pg. 10.

Error-Free Kitten Raising Tips™ and Positive Cat Parenting™ for your kitten.

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