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by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started Week Ten - Develop a Praise Scale

Just as you may be more motivated by $100 than $10, you need to discover what are low, medium and high value rewards for your puppy.  For example, kibble may be low, a cheerio - medium, and freeze-dried liver - high value.

In addition to food rewards, you want to develop a range of verbal praise and enthusiasm in response to what Puppy does to please you.  If your puppy has been sitting for meals and greetings for quite a while, you still want to reinforce with a simple, "good dog."  However, if Puppy does something new or something better than ever before, you want to add enthusiasm to your praise. "Whoo-hoo! Alright! You are SUCH a good dog" - always in a happy, high voice tone not a lower (growl-like) voice tone.

Varying the value of food treats and verbal praise is how you "shape" Puppy's best responses to instruction and verbal cues.  Puppy knows the difference!

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